Admin/Mod/Builder Staff Application

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Admin/Mod/Builder Staff Application

Post by NinjaCompany on Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:03 am

Heya! This is my application for the server TapOuts, please consider it. Thanks!

This is my application:

Name: Timothy
Age: 13
IGN: NinjaCompany
Gender: Male
Rank: Admin/Mod/Builder (Preferably Admin) {I'm more of a multi-purpose guy}
Country: Malaysia (I am a Chinese btw) {And I speak good english.} [Totally no google translate Laughing ]
Time Zone: GMT +0800
Availability: 2-3 hours a day
Interest: Helping people and build stuff. Manage plugins and help the server grow. Ban people from spamming. I hate spammers.
Skills: Build stuff and manage commands.
Biggest Accomplishments: So far nothing great but I hope that I will do something great in the server!
Contact infomation: (Kik: timothyswagging)(Skype: NinjaCompany)
Playing Experience: 2 years on mcpe, 1 year on servers
Pay-Pal: No
Donate? : No im 13 with nothing unless I can mail u cash. I can donate my life and time on the server.

I really think that servers are awesome and others keep on saying that its boring. I like servers a lot and one time I am thinking: hey! Why dont I become staff and help people out! And I dont know where r the admins when ppl spams. I applied for a lot servers since last week but none of them replied. Some say that no money no staff. What is this? Staff are suppposed to be devoted to the server and help the owner, not to donate or something. Hope that u will not reject me just for not donating. I really want to donate but I cant. I dont have any credit cards or paypal or something. Please accept me as staff. I really want this job. Thank you.

Hope that u will consider my application. Thank you very much.



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Re: Admin/Mod/Builder Staff Application

Post by QueenShelbyPotato on Tue Oct 13, 2015 10:13 pm

Hi! This is a great application. I talked to you already as you know.

Some servers say no donation no staff? Geez. What a DUMB rule. I am so glad to be on one of the servers that hates that phrase.

Thank you for applying WITH THE LAYOUT! Not everyone does that...

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